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Richard L. Newell

Valley of Renewell

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Dent Root Sculpture

Sculptured Eggshells

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(a primitive art form)

Each FORGED ROCK (forgery of a rock) creation by Richleigh! Has gone through a series of processes which the artist originated or adapted to his craft. The result is a massive, sturdy sculpture which has the appearance of having withstood centuries of weathering after being hand-cut from solid stone.
A combination of Portland cement, volcanic residues, organic fibers, recycled materials and other important “ingredients” are skillfully



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High-Tech Innovation Makes it Possible! 

A particular type of hand-held high tech engraving equipment was developed by an American Inventor in the early 1980's. Because of its ultra high speed (now over 400,000 rpm) and low torque, enterprising artists soon discovered that it was perfect for engraving a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, bone, antler, ivory and even eggshells! 










Although a number of artists became proficient in carving eggshells, some very tricky technical problems remained unsolved. Because of the compound, complex and often asymmetrical curvature of eggshells, it has been considered nearly impossible for. . . 





DENT ROOT™ Sculpture by Richleigh! and other noted Sculptors of the Ozarks.









The unique growing conditions and environment found in certain locations of the Ozark Mountains produces tree roots with unusual characteristics. Instead of being long, straight and tapered, they end up becoming misshapen in a curious manner.

The roots often twist, turn, convolute and assume irregular proportions as they take circuitous paths through the soil substrate in which they grow. Alternately, they may also grow in the shape of a spiral, or even a full circle. They are often pock marked with moderate to severe indentations of various sizes and shapes at irregular intervals along their length. Some actually have areas where they become narrow and flat.

At the location of every contortion, the natural wood grain of the root becomes pleasingly distorted and delightfully enhanced. When roots cross over other roots, or double back on themselves, they . . . 





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